Russell has been a chela (student) of Eckankar for 35 years and is a member of the ECK clergy. He is a professional pianist, composer and conductor as well as an actor. Russell has written and played music for many major Eckankar seminars. (Click here for a performance of the song "Home," composed and orchestrated by Russell.)

He lives in Illinois with his wife, Susan. Russell has accompanied her vocal performances at ECK seminars for years. Russell and Susan have one married daughter and this past June, proudly welcomed their first grandchild.

Russell has given talks at major and regional events for Eckankar. Through music or words, Russell speaks of Soul’s longing to return home. He will share his stories of past lives, dreams and Soul travel and the lessons learned by following the teachings of ECK and the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

Read a welcome letter from Russell here.

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Russell Stern

Russell performing at the 2018 Michigan Eckankar Regional Seminar.

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